What You Can Do With Leftover Pumpkins 

What You Can Do With Leftover Pumpkins

After the season for pumpkins comes and goes – what can you do with the leftover pumpkins? How do you handle all the pumpkin that’s leftover after Halloween and Thanksgiving? Practical answers to these questions and more are revealed to you here. You can also see how to dispose of leftover pumpkins the right way below.

What to Do With Leftover Pumpkins After Halloween

After Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed, the following are the creative ways to use or dispose of your pumpkins properly:

Donate pumpkins to a farm or zoo near you. 

Even when they might be of no use to you, pumpkins are eaten by zoo and farm animals. Call your local animal shelter, zoo, or ranch to check if they take fresh donations and make a nice deed with your leftovers.

Prepare a birdfeeder by emptying the insides.

Take the top off it, and dry under the sunlight, then boreholes in it to hang it from a ledge or a tree with rope or wire. Sooner or later, birds will swarm to this tempting feast as soon as you fill it with grains.

You can also Spoon out the pulp and seeds from the pumpkin, wash off the majority of the pulp, and scatter the seeds on strips of tinfoil or baking sheets. Preheat the oven to 300°F and bake the seeds for 45 minutes, or until golden brown. Several neighborhood birds will eat the flesh of a pumpkin if it is chopped and served to them.

Offer leftover pumpkins to the native wildlife

Deer, rabbits, squirrels, and other animals would appreciate it. You may also slice up your gourds and leave them outside, seeds and all, for the nighttime creatures. You’ll have a parade of animals in your yard, from deer to birds to squirrels.

What Animals Eat Pumpkin at Night?

Mice and rats love to eat pumpkins, especially if they’ve been cut open to reveal the soft and tasty flesh. Squirrels and chipmunks, among other animals, may visit to sample your pumpkins.

Squirrels, for example, are lively, intelligent, and tenacious. By building a squirrel feeder box, you can bring hours of entertainment to your yard. You may create one with a small jar, wood, screws, and a few simple tools and fill it with pumpkin seeds, acorns, peanuts, and other small items.

Can Pumpkins Go in the Garbage?

If your pumpkins are starting to look a little sorry, it’s probably time to switch them out for something else. Pumpkins, whether plain or carved, are frequently classified as yard waste or compost. They should not be thrown away with the rest of your trash. Check with your city, county, or garbage disposal agency if you’re unsure.

We have seen some of the best ways to use or recycle your leftover Halloween pumpkins. What is the most creative thing you have done with old pumpkins before? We will appreciate it if you share with us in the comments section.

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