How to Store Tomatoes – Should fresh tomatoes be refrigerated?

How to Store Tomatoes – Should fresh tomatoes be refrigerated?

They should be kept at room temperature and stored in a single layer away from direct sunlight. Most essential, store them stem side down while they continue ripening to keep them fresher for longer. Ripening for tomatoes might be hampered by cooler temperatures though. For anyone, figuring out how to store tomatoes that aren’t in use might be frustrating. See the instructions below for practical directions: 

How do you keep tomatoes fresh longer?

Tomatoes picked straight from the garden are a delight, but if you store them properly, you may eat them all year, even in the middle of winter. Create a reasonable preserved tomato technique, collect your supplies, and read the directions below to enjoy summer flavors long after the sun has set.

How to Store Tomatoes by Canning

Canning of tomatoes is a time-honored method of preserving fresh, ripe tomatoes for use throughout the year. Whole peeled tomatoes are ideal for making sauces, topping pizzas, and making them into stews. Tomatoes, a large saucepan, sealable jars, and some time are all you need. I assure you that no particular talents are necessary.

Should Tomatoes be Refrigerated?

Yes, as long as it has already ripe. You can store ripe tomatoes in the refrigerator, but they should be allowed to come to room temperature before eating. It is because the flavor of cold tomatoes might be a little bland. To prevent air from entering, and to keep the tomato moist, store it stem side down. To expedite the process, place them in a paper bag.

Refrigeration, on the other hand, isn’t usually the ideal option because it disrupts the ripening process. If the tomatoes you bought aren’t quite ready, keep them on the shelf for a few nights until they are juicy and tender. Storing unripe tomatoes in the fridge prematurely will make them stay that way. To avoid mold, keep under-ripe tomatoes out of direct sunlight and in a single layer without layering them, just like you would oranges.

How to Store Tomatoes to Last

Do tomatoes last longer in the fridge or on the counter? you may ask. The storage time of a tomato is around a week on the counter and two weeks in the refrigerator. And that’s your answer if you want to know how long tomatoes last in the refrigerator.

Follow these techniques to extend the usefulness of your tomatoes:

  • Refrigerate your tomatoes when they have fully ripened. Refrigerate them once they’ve reached ripeness.
  • Place them on the top shelf near the refrigerator door. This is a more comfortable temperature for them.
  • Before storing your tomatoes stem side down to ripen, cut off any large stems. This helps them stay juicy for longer by limiting moisture loss and keeping air out.
  • Smushed or damaged tomatoes should be used first, as they will spoil faster than the others.
  • A wine fridge or cool cellar is ideal for storing ripe tomatoes that won’t be consumed straight away.
  • If you have a lot of ripe ones that you don’t want to throw away, freeze them. However, keep in mind that once it’s thawed, the texture and appearance may be a little mushy, so use it in a sauce or soup. They’ll be there for two to three months at most.


You can refrigerate any completely ripe tomatoes that have not been consumed, just let them reach room temperature before serving. That dear is how you preserve fresh tomatoes from turning bad. 

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